Fertilization Program

Our specialized fertilization program is designed to optimize plant health and soil fertility. At Dave’s Landscaping & Design, LLC, we assess the specific nutrient needs of your lawn and garden, customizing our treatments to ensure maximum effectiveness. Our program includes multiple applications throughout the year, tailored to the growing cycles of your plants. We use high-quality, slow-release fertilizers that provide a steady supply of nutrients. Additionally, we focus on soil conditioning and improving microbial activity, which enhances the natural resilience of your plants against pests and diseases, promoting a healthier, greener landscape.

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I was very impressed with not only the work but the service as well. Very professional. Would definitely use again

Liza Benguira Customer

Used Dave for my landscaping he went out of his way to make sure I was happy, he did great work very happy

Naftali Rothenberg Customer

Did my lawn and back yard and it’s now as nice as any 5 star resort Dave’s does quality and professionalism they are very clean!

Yaakov Piotrkovski Customer

Definitely stay away. These guys just put trees in my development and I'm sure they'll all be dead within a year. No dirt mixed in just dug holes in sandy soil dropped them in covered them with mulch. Left garbage all over the development and only came back top pick it up because all the pots from the trees flew off their truck and they had to come back after I picked them up.

RObert Mcguire Customer


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